Body Paragraphs

Show your research by letting them know what you like about the organization and why you want to work there:

  • State how your skills, education, or experience match the requirements of the position
  • Use one or two specific examples/short stories to provide evidence of relevant skills, strengths, and accomplishments (without repeating your resume word for word)
  • Mention how the experiences you wrote about will let you help the organization

While writing, ask yourself:
"What is a skill I want to highlight and what is an example or story that demonstrates this skill?"

In my coursework, I investigated marketplace factors such as trends, climates, and locations through research and benchmarking. I collaborated on a team to present case studies involving merchandise planning and assortment decisions.1 During these experiences, I developed skills in collaboration and research, and I hope to continue strengthening these skills through this internship. My current work as an assessment assistant at Indiana University Career Exploration & Student Employment provides many opportunities to sharpen my data analysis skills. I design surveys, analyze quantitative and qualitative data, and write reports.2 By using technology to collect and analyze data, I am prepared to look for trends and patterns to make informed decisions regarding assortment.3 Additionally, working at Career Exploration & Student Employment inspired me to specifically begin my career in a retail organization providing practically priced, professional clothing, like Suits “R” Us. Finding modern professional attire that is made with quality and fits well can make all the difference in a student’s self-image.

Note: The example above is only one paragraph. If you are writing about multiple topics and skills that are very different, it is best to separate them with multiple paragraphs.

The following skills are highlighted in the body paragraphs of the cover letter:

1 Collaboration
2 Data Analysis
3 Research

To see some examples, click on any of the following skills:

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