Thank You Notes

After your interview is over, you should always send a thank you note to everyone whom you interviewed with. It is best to do this within 24 hours after your interview. This allows you to maintain communication with them as well as reinforce your qualifications. For more information about how to write a post-interview thank you note, check out our thank you note guide.

When you don't receive the offer

It’s possible that after your interview you may not be offered the job. There are a lot of factors that play into interviews, and the decision to go with another candidate isn't always personal. In a competitive market, great candidates won't get offers. However, this is a time for you to reflect on what you can improve on for the future.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did you show up as your best self?
  • Were some of your strengths not highlighted in the conversation? Why was that the case?
  • Did you feel prepared for your interview beforehand?
  • Did a question stump you and affect the remainder of the interview?
  • Were you distracted by something during the interview?
  • If you were asked for references, did you provide professional references that you trust?
  • Did you follow up with thank you notes after the interview?
  • Was this position a stretch for your current skillset and experience? In this case, you might have aced the interview but another candidate might have been more aligned with the requirements of the position.

To regain your confidence before your next interview, consider scheduling a mock interview with your career coach. Your coach may be able to identify areas of improvement and help you see your strengths. Additionally, if you are seeking clarity on your interview experience and constructive feedback, consider reaching out to the recruiter and asking for feedback for your professional development. They may or may not respond, but it's common practice to request this type of feedback.

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